Teaching English at the women's school

Not everybody gets the opportunity to go to school. Especially for women in Nepal. For many different reasons they are being kept for going to school. Some girls are raised up as housewives, marry young and have to run the households and raise their baby. Some parents do not have the money to send their children to school. And so the reasons go on and on.

The women school in Kirtipur, give these women the opportunity to receive education. It does not matter how old the women are, everybody is welcome! Their is a huge variety range in age at the school; from 18 till 60 years old. At the school, they learn the women Nepali, how to write and to read. Most of the women do not know how to read or write.

” I wish I could read the paper instead of needing my kids to ask what is writing. I am supposed to teach my kids, not the other way around”

What can you do?!
Help them by teaching them English. Nowadays, English is needed everywhere. To create chances for them to get jobs, they need to be able to speak and read English. But also to teach them about your country, your culture, different values.

The women are very eager to learn and it is lots of fun to get to know these women and their story.

Your duties

  • Teaching everyday from sunday till friday
  • Classes run from 6.15am to 2.30pm
  • Teaching English, conversational skills
  • Sharing knowledge about your own country
  • Discussions about cultural differences
  • Boost the self-esteem of the women
  • Run extra activities, like music / art

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"It was my very first time volunteering in Nepal and I am really glad that I have chosen INSPIRE Nepal. I spent 8 weeks in Kathmandu and had the most amazing time! Not only did I get to experience integrating with the locals, I also had a little INSPIRE family that was always there for me. Maud and Sanju are the kindest people that I’ve ever met. They were always available and attentive.. and they make a perfect team! Thank you guys so much!! See you guys real soon, I’ll be back."

Intern Women's School

"Thanks Sanju and Maud for taking good care for me as a volunteer and for the internships at your homestay. You have a great organization, really good organized. You do all the best you can to make us feel at home and at ease. I enjoyed the weekends, the fun, the movies watching while lying on the floor. Eating and laughing together. Take also good care for yourselves too. Until we meet again. Cause I will come back with cheese and teabags! "

Volunteer Women's School

"I am so glad that i had the chance to meet these wonderful people. The way they run the (small) organisation is truly wonderful and inspiring. Their personal approach with everyone, not only the volunteers but also their network in Nepal gave me the feeling of having a family away from home. They are doing everything they can to improve the lives of the people they work with, and i was really happy i could help with this. It was great to see what they already have achieved and to be involved of some of their ongoing projects. If you get the chance to work with Maud and Sanju, doubt no second to take it! "

Volunteer Women's School

"This was a truly amazing experience. Teaching english at the women's school taught me more than I could have imagined and I will miss those women a lot. And my host mom, was the best Nepali sister you can ask for. Maud and Sanju are the golden couple for an organisation like this. Sanju can explain everything about Nepali culture and khana (food!) and knows about all festivals in the region. You will definitely experience one of these amazing festival days if you spend some time here. And when you have had enough of the eastern atmosphere at one point, Maud is there with some healthy western jokes and down to earth point of view. You guys rock! With INSPIREnepal you will be certain of an amazing volunteering time, but your Nepal experience will be so much more than that. So don't hesitate any longer. Just go!"

Volunteer Women's School
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