Creative development

As our entire organization is based on creative activities, we obviously also promote creative development among children. It is important that children and youngsters have a hobby and outlet, to be able to express emotions and fantasies . Music , painting, dancing and sports are essential forms for self-development for children. They learn skills, discover talents, can express themselves in expressive forms and have fun. Our organization provides classes in these creative forms that are given by local teachers. The local teachers will be provided with an income for their classes.

Every 6 months there will be performances from the children to showcase their talents and the results to friends and the local population. The children will be working towards a goal and will also help with organizing their performances. They will be coached how to organize the showcase. This showcase is for them to be in the spotlight for once and discover their talents and have fun.

So far we have had showcases in theather, dance, sports and arts.

We have been working mainly with Gonykap’s childrens home and the deaf hostel. We visit the homes on saturdays to spend time with the children and we always bring fun and creative activities.

The children always look forward to our visit and by now their homes have been decorated nicely by their arts and crafts.

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