Thankga Mandala Painting

Thangkas are Tibetan mandalas that have many meanings and are made with precision and passion.

The duration of the course depends on your wishes, you can make it as long or short as you want. To create a mandala you need at least one week in which you paint six days a week for an entire day. This sounds like a lot of hard work, which it is, but oh so worthy!

thangka painting

The picture above is an example of the mandala that you will be making. Every color has a meaning and all the figures have the same size. They will explain the meaning of the colors and figures, so you can adjust it to your interest and learn about Tibetan art. It is an artistic challenge! Imagine having your own mandala up on your wall to admire every day and to think back of your days in Nepal!

The price depends on your location and teacher. It will cost approximately 500 Nepali rupees per hour.

Included: Teacher – equipment – explanation – learn to prepare the canvas and the paint.

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