Host family

During your volunteering or internship you will stay with local host families, the families are carefully selected and will be happy to welcome you. The family is supported financially for your stay and this provides an income for them. We select host families that need financial support for different reasons and therefore you are already supporting a good cause by staying with our host families.

Sometimes you will need to communicate with gestures and in the beginning your family might be a little bit shy to speak English but if you ‘re curious and interested they will try to speak English and teach you Nepali . Before you know it you are a part of the family and are you learning to cook daal bhat! It’s a great experience to live like the locals, to participate in their culture and to be a part of a family. After your stay, you will have a Nepalese family forever!

When you stay at the monastery or in an orphanage, the same principles apply .

Host family arrangements

  • You will be living with a local host family, you may have to share a room with another volunteer or family member of the same sex.
  • Host families may vary from each other in different places and families in term of facilities of bathroom, toilets, hygiene and internet.
  • Host families are experienced to hosting volunteers.
  • Host family will provide 2 meals a day but lunch will be provided at your placement.
  • Eating local food whatever your family eats, normally daal (lentil soup), bhat ( cooked rice), tarkari( curry vegetable) and achhar ( pickle, anything spicy, sour or bitter in cubes or paste) is eaten morning breakfast in around 8 to 9am and evening dinner 7pm to 9pm.
  • INSPIREnepal staff will be visiting to check how you are doing or if you need any other help and explanation of any cultural differences.

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"I have learned so much of the Nepali culture by staying with my host family. From the way they eat to religious rituals till cultural craziness."

Volunteer Music Therapy & Monastery Program

"My host family was very very nice, and it was great to experience the Nepali lifestyle and some delicious homemade dhal bhat!"

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