Bracelet project

We created the bangle project for the Disabled Concern Center in Machhapokhari. 18 disabled people, living together in one house and paying the rent by begging on the street. Out of the 18 people, 4 girls stay at home, taking care of their children and the house and trying to pass time.

Disabled girl proudly showing bangles

We provide them a bangle training in order to pass time and to make them feel useful again. But besides these important reasons, one of the main reasons was to make a sustainable living for them. Instead of begging on the street, now they can sell their bangles and create an income.

Because of the training we have seen some big changes in the center. The girls are more confident, proud of themselves, they feel happier and useful and the bond within the house is stronger. They work together now to make this happen.

INSPIREnepal provided the training and the materials to make a start. Once they start selling the bangles, they will be able to buy the materials themselves and become self-sufficient.

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