Corona relief

As the virus COVID 19 has a worldwide effect, Nepal is having real troubles trying to support their people. From 24th of March, the government decided to go into complete lockdown to fight the virus. This meant that no one was allowed to go out on the streets.

Many people lost their jobs, do not have savings since the salary here will not allow you to save and  were struggling to pay for their food. Many people were stuck in the big city with high costs of living without any income or help from the government.

After the first month of lockdown INSPIREnepal has been helping people with their food supplies. Families that had no income or savings and were struggling to feed their families, received our food packages. The packages contained the bare necessarities as we chose to help as many families as possibly within the donations we received. The food packages contained 25kg rice, lentils, salt, oil and soaps, which the families can use for 1 month and is worth of 20 euro a package.

We received many phone calls and messages from families struggling. Although the lockdown and its affects are still there and we will continue the relief, we have helped so far over 200 families with food supplies.

As Nepal relies on tourism, it will be sure that this year and the next season will be very tough. A lot of businesses as collapsed and people are moving back to villages because rents are too expensive in Kathmandu. Financial support will be needed even after the lockdown is lifted as jobs will not be easy to find.

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