Social work

INSPIREnepal works together with several local organizations that could use social workers. The programs can vary from children’s cancer day care centre to a deaf hostel to our children’s home or a rehabilition center for children after surgery.

Depending on your interests / qualities and study a program can be chosen and we will provide you with more information. Most volunteers chose one of the above volunteering programs and implemented their social work tasks within the programs. Since all our programs have vulnerable children or youth, as a social worker you will find activities to do and where to support the children. This often goes combined with teaching as well.

Your duties

  • Empowerment of the program and its people
  • Developing methodes and activities
  • Individual support
  • Tutoring when necassary
  • Help with homework
  • Yoga/ sports/ arts activities

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"What an internship experience would be for 5 months was for only three weeks (corona) Sanju and Maud are really special, kind and inspiring people: Their hospitality is really generous. INSPIREnepal is a beautiful and pure organisation; in my perception. The projects are made full of love and compassion. You feel immediately really at home and accepted. Besides your internship experience you can do many other nice, adventurous and creative things in your free time. Maud and Sanju will always be there to give you tips and advice. And they will give you free hugs and humor. "

Intern Social Work

"I wish I could have stayed longer, but due to corona virus, still it was amazing. Maud and Sanju were very welcoming and made me feel part of the INSPIREfamily the moment I arrived. Maud supervised our internship an gave helpfull advice and tips. Sanju gave us the insights in Nepali culture. They are thé definition of a power couple and run a beautiful organization that deserves all the love and support in the world. I will definitely be back in the near future! Love and miss you guys!"

Intern Social Work

"INSPIREnepal is a pure organization. Unfortunately the 5 months turned into 5 weeks, but what an incredible time. I was received so warmly by Maud and Sanju. Not only during my internship I was well guided also during the weekends we could do fun activities together. I hope to see you soon Maud and Sanju because it was a cool experience!"

Intern Social Work

"Love everything about InspireNepal! I've been an intern for 2 months and have learned so much from Maud and Sanju. I felt very much at home in Kathmandu because of their kindness and warmth. I would recommend this organization to everyone!"

Intern Social Work

"I’ve been with INSPIREnepal for 5 months during my social work internship and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience! Their way of supervising is very personal and they help you every step of the way to make the Nepal-experience as rewarding as possible! With trips to Chitwan, going rafting and arranging a Thangka painting workshop, they gave so many possibilities to enjoy Nepal next to my internship, that I feel that I really got to experience this country at its best. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and I hope to visit the Inspire-family again next year!"

Intern Social Work

"Being a volunteer at INSPIREnepal was one of the best experiences of my life and I just can't wait to go back one day! INSPIREnepal is a small organisation, so you get a lot of personal attention. From navagating you through the dusty streets, to picking you up in the rain to play some Jenga. Everything is possible with Maud, Sanju & Razu and they do everything with so much enthusiasm. They're such lovely people! The children home where I stayed was wonderful. The kids of the Gonykap children home were all very sweet and behaved well. The housemother and father were amazing and did everything to make it feel like home. I still miss it every day."

Volunteer Social Work
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