INSPIREbakery is the first social workplace in Nepal for youngsters above 16 years with a development disorder. We are specialized in autism, low intelligence and deaf youngsters. We have been running since 2018.

Our main focus is to create job opportunities for youngsters with development disorders through our bakery. We have a team of experts that can supervise and train these youngsters to gain skills and give them a chance to build up a future. By giving the youngsters skills and salary for their work, their confidence will grow and it will make them independent of their family.

Martha & intern

After special school, there is no place for these youngsters to go. Local people have no clue how to work with development disorders and therefore most youngsters are staying at home and doing nothing.

INSPIREbakery will work together with the locals, to show them what our youngsters are capable of and train them to work together with our youngsters. We will be hiring locals to work along our youngsters.

Youngsters with development disorders need simple and organized activities. In baking everything is organized; how much flower you need, how much time it has to be in the oven etc. By using photo’s and pictograms it will be clear for the youngsters which steps they have to follow. The steps will be visual and repeated over and over to gain confidence. Each youngsters will get their own task that lies within their capability. This will encourage their strengths and they will learn to work together.


We believe in abilities and will use the strengths of the youngsters to gain development and self – confidence. They will get tasks that are within their strengths to make them see that they are capable of baking. These skills will help them to achieve a long-lasting, sustainable future. We will use the skills of our volunteers and local staff to supervise, stimulate and motivate the youngsters.


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