Music therapy

In Nepal, there are many children and youngsters with disabilities. Either mentally or physically challanged. When you have a disability in Nepal, this is seen as a mistake and that you have done something bad in your past life. Families are ashamed of their children and keep their children isolated from the outside world or they put them on the streets and in children homes. Because of the taboo around handicaps, teachers have no knowledge about it because there are no studies in Nepal.

Our music therapist Maud has been offering music therapy at special need schools to develop skills on social, emotional, cognitive and physical areas. But with the main goal to have fun and let the children be children again! Through music the children have the chance to be seen and heard again. The children have made already great progresses since music therapy has started.

Maud has also been working at the burn ward of the children’s hospital in Kathmandu. Here she does music therapy during the dressing procedure where the children get their burns cleaned. Music therapy helps for pain relief and distraction and can make the children relax a little bit more and have a friendly face for support and to create a safer environment. Maud’s salary has been taken care of through SPAK.

Maud has been giving trainings to teachers to teach them to use creative activities in the classrooms. To show how important music can be. We are helping to promote music therapy throughout the country and hope to take away the taboo around handicaps and therapy. Therefore INSPIREnepal has helped write a therapybook together with the Nepali government and our special need school. INSPIREnepal took care of all the chapters about creative therapies.

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