Teaching English at a monastery

Have you always wondered what life is like in a monastery or are you curious to learn more about Buddhism? Become a volunteer and teach the monks English while in return you learn about their life!

Most of the Tibetan exiles and refugees have been living in monasteries, practicing their religion and trying to rebuild their cultural heritage in their own way. Very poor families have been putting their kids in monasteries as monks or nuns so they can have a shelter, meals and some education. Some live forever learning Buddhist philosophies, methods of meditation and rituals and practice celibacy.

All the scriptures are written in Tibetan, by teaching English you will help the monks translate old Buddhist scriptures in English to preserve them and to be able to share their knowledge. Besides that, they are really keen to learn English and they also like to learn about the western world, life styles, cultural, history and geography. The monks will share their wisdom and knowledge so you will fully experience Buddhism.
It is an experience you will not find anywhere else and will not forget easily!

Your duties

  • Teaching English classes for a variety of age groups from 4 to 20 years of age, for 2 to 3 hours a day
  • The focus will be on conversational language
  • You can make your own lesson plans. Some monasteries have their own curriculum
  • Creating extra activities like art and sports
  • Follow the rules of monastery
  • You may be asked to help organize the library as some monastery have small libraries
  • You can help in the kitchen to prepare the meals in the morning and evening if needed
  • Volunteers can join the daily morning worships
  • Drinking liquor and smoking is strongly prohibited inside the monastery

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"What a fantastic experience it was!! Unfortunately my 2 months adventure became a 3 weeks adventure because of the virus.... as soon as it’s all over I will go back to Nepal to teach English to the monks. And of course go back to Maud and Sanju from InspireNepal where we could spend the weekends and do fun things together with all the other volunteers and interns. I would definitely 100% recommend this company!!! Everything is well organised and they help wherever, whenever they can. Maud en Sanju, I will see you soon!"

Volunteer Monastery Program

"Had such an awesome time on my first visit to Nepal and a lot of the credit goes to INSPIREnepal. It was well organized and they are quite responsive. The orientation with Maud was much needed, from navigating the streets, to the many traditions that make up their daily lives. She not only successfully organized my stay/volunteer at the Buddhist Monastery but I was also lucky enough to celebrate Tihar and Newari New Year with her and her "family". The personal attention you get from INSPIREnepal is unbeatable and their enthusiasm, insight and love for Nepal and its people are very apparent and contagious. My only regret is that I couldn't stay longer."

Volunteer Monastery Program

"INSPIREnepal is a very pure organisation. During my volunteering in Kathmandu I was able to visit and sleep in the volunteer house from Maud and Sanju in the weekends. There we did fun things with each other and with the other volunteers. Maud and Sanju are really hospitable. They really live for helping others and do everything to make it a beautiful experience. For example on my first evening in Nepal I was allowed to go with them to a Nepalese wedding. They will take you to special local places and learn you things about Nepali culture. If you want you can also range activities (hiking, rafting etc.) through Maud and Sanju."

Volunteer Monastery Program

"I chose to go to Nepal for one month. I did the voluntary project to teach English in a monastery. It was a great experience and if I needed help or had questions Maud and Sanju were always there to answer them or to help me. They are really involved in their projects and really care about people, the people they help as well as the volunteers/interns. And last but not least: I had a lot of fun in Nepal: During my time in the monastery but also outside of that and of course also with Maud and Sanju! "

Volunteer Monastery Program

"Sanju and Maud make a great team and being involved with INSPIREnepal was one of the highlights of my time in the country. I never felt I was unsure of anything and could always ask questions if I needed to. A great organisation and I'm sure it'll only get better! Thanks to the both of you!"

Volunteer Monastery Program

"My volunteer experience with INSPIREnepal has been life changing for me. My first placement was teaching English at a monastery for a few weeks, and it was an amazingly profound experience. I've learned a great deal about love and joy from those little monks, and the monastery has become like "home" to me. I have made many great friends and had so many memorable moments along the way, and I feel like I have many families in Nepal now. Maud and Sanju are such wonderful people, and they took very good care of everything for me. I really enjoyed working with them, and I will definitely go back again!"

Volunteer Monastery Program

"I spent a few weeks with INSPIRENepal and had an incredibly special time. I was immediately welcomed into Maud and Sanju's home as if I was an old friend. They offer you a lot of support during your volunteering time and dedicate time to show you the sites of Kathmandu, drink Chiya and share the best places to eat. There is also a chance to get involved in some of the other wonderful projects they run. If you're considering volunteering in Nepal, I highly recommend INSPIRENepal. It makes for very special memories."

Volunteer Monastery Program

"It is an amazing ONG, they will help you with everything before and during your stay in Nepal!"

Volunteer Monastery Program
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