Sports project

Physical education is something the Nepali schools know about in theory but do not put into practice. The children spend, besides their lunch break, all of their school day in their classrooms for 6 days a week. Even after school, most of the children do not have the opportunity to sport. Since most families are not able to afford it and do not have the knowledge about the benefits of sport.

We organize sport days for children’s homes, visited the camps after the earthquake and we have an annual sport day for 50 deaf kids. It is important for the kids to move, to play, to improve their physical and motor skills, to bond with each other. Sports is just to way to achieve all the above!

We always play in teams so the kids get to know each other better, they have to cheer for each other, they have their own team color and handshake. In the end every team will be getting a present according to their winning position but every child will get a medal. This helps boost their self-confidence so much!

Every year on the first day of christmas we organize a big sportsday for 50 deaf kids. We are always looking for volunteers that want to lead a team. And yes, the volunteers will also be able to earn a medal! Interesed? Sign up!

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"What a amazing time I had in Nepal. InspireNepal is a small organisation that has and supports several beautiful projects in Nepal and I had the chance to join one of them. From a lovely arrival, Nepali lessons and my new (Nepali) Family where I lived for two months I got to work at a small school for children with a disability. As a Physical therapist I got a lot of freedom to train kids and work together with the staff on new projects in the school. Beside de lovely people that helped me I want to specially thank Sanju and Maud for the great thing they do throughout Nepal!"

Intern Sports Project

"Unforgettable moments; that's the best description you can give to INSPIREnepal! Sanju & Maud are amazing people, ieverybody become family. They will help you to make it comfortable. I will come back next year! Dhanyabad"

Intern Sports Project
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