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What we do

INSPIREnepal started in 2015 by the two founders Maud van de Worp and Sanju Shakya. INSPIREnepal is a foundation and a volunteering/intern organization that focusses on improving quality of life for special needs children and youth in Nepal. Our projects mainly focus on education, creative development, therapies and expression because the influence and the results will last through out their lives. To see every project that we have done and are still doing, see the page with Our Projects.
We believe in the strengths and talents of the Nepalese people and we help them to develop their strengths as much as possible. We want our volunteers/interns to use their skills and qualities to give tools to the Nepalese, so they can work on their future by themselves. As every human is different, we treat everyone and every project to its needs and therefore keep close contact.
As volunteer/intern you will benefit as well! By going abroad and living in our host families you will experience the Nepali culture and gain personal growth. We also help stimulate your skills and supervise you on professional level to make sure that not only the Nepalese benfite but you will go home with new insights and skills. After your stay, Nepal will be in your heart forever!
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Why choose INSPIREnepal?

  • Maud & Sanju – Namaste, we are Maud & Sanju and run INSPIREnepal. Since our work is our passion, we love to work together and get to know our volunteers and interns.
  • Weekends – You are always welcome to our house in the weekends to talk about your adventures during the week and to have some fun. We try to organize different events so that you get to experience Nepal and are able to unwind in the weekend with us and the other volunteers.
  • Nepali & Dutch – Sanju is Nepali and therefore has all the knowledge and facts about Nepal. We can help you with travels and exploring. Maud is Dutch and knows how to organize and has loads of crazy and creative ideas to do with the projects and volunteers. Perfect combination right?!
  • Special needs – We work especially with disabled and disadvantaged children and teenagers . You can volunteer with us and use your profession in health care for a good purpose.
  • Talents and skills – We would like our volunteers to be able to use their talents and skills to help develop the Nepalese people and exchange knowledge. It is important to us that during your placement with us you are appropriately assigned according to your individual qualities. If you have a very specific talent, contact us so we can help you find a placement which meets your talent!
  • Flexible in programs – We are flexible with changing your program when your expectations do not match with your placement. Your reason for changing will be discussed. Our ultimate goal is to help the Nepalese population, but you as a volunteer should have a great experience as well!
  • Level of support – It is important for us to have personal contact, during your stay you will be a part of our family and we love to take you along to festivals and other occasions. We have an open door policy and would love to hear from you at any time. Your family back home will have full access to us through email or our personal number at all time.
  • Price – The prices that we have are comparatively less than other organizations in Nepal since we don’t cooperate with big NGO’s and we only ask for what is necessary. Extra activities like travelling around Nepal will also be arranged at a reasonable cost.
  • Honesty and transparency – We communicate openly and honestly to anyone about anything. 80% of your donation will be spent on you and the projects

How it all started

over ons Maud en Sanju

One of the founders, Sanju, grew up in a small village in Kathmandu, Nepal. As his dad, and later his mom, passed away, Sanju and his brothers were having difficulties running a household and taking care of each other. Due to financial problems, all of his brothers had to drop out of school and start working. Plan international saw Sanju and started to sponsor his education.

Because of foreign aid, Sanju was able to go to school and even finished his masters. With his degree he was able to help his family and got motivated to help others as well. That's why Sanju put his heart into INSPIREnepal and takes care of all the sponsor kids hoping it will have the same impact on them.

Our other founder, Maud van de Worp graduated as music therapist. Having a disability herself, she experienced the effects of music and therefore decided to volunteer in Nepal. In Nepal she witnessed the lack of knowledge about special needs and mental support. That’s why she is combining her passion for special needs and music and started INSPIREnepal to provide special need organizations with music – creative therapies and share knowlegde to teachers and interns.

Our Team

Maud Shakya van de Worp

Director – Music therapist – Supervisor​

voorzitter Sanju
Sanju Shakya

Director – Coordinator – Trekking guide

Razu Maharjan

Part time All rounder

Eef van de Worp

Marketing – Treasurer

ANBI status

Stichting INSPIREnepal has received the ANBI status from the Dutch government in January 2019. The benefits of an ANBI status is only for Dutch based donations. Dutch sponsors will be able to make a donation without tax.

Stichting INSPIREnepal
RSIN – 855105124

Find out more about our board members in the section above. Our board members do not get paid for their work.

Please read the following documents about INSPIREnepal for our ANBI status.

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