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In Nepal, there are many children and youngsters with disabilities. Either mentally or physically. When you have a disability in Nepal, this is seen as a mistake and that you have done something bad in your past life. Families are ashamed of their children and keep their children isolated from the outside world or they put them on the streets and in children homes.

Music has an important role in Nepal because there are only a few options for expression or to unite people . When you walk around in Kathmandu you will hear a lot of music around you; however, music is not used therapeutically and this could make a great contribution to the development of disabled and disadvantaged children and youngsters. Music therapy is needed for these children to process traumas and to develop skills but with the main goal to have fun and let the children be children again!

Besides it being beneficial for the children, we can guarantee that you will learn and grow as a therapist as well. The approach here is quite different than in western countries but experiencing this approach will broading your view and skills who will be useful in western countries too.

Besides music teachers we also work with art therapists and drama therapists. Ask us about the possibilities!

muziektherapie stage

With your contribution as a music therapist these children and youngsters will be heard, seen and they have the opportunity to express themselves and to develop where they would not normally have the opportunity.

For this program it is required to be a qualified music therapist.

Your duties

  • Provide individual and group therapy
  • Provide individual and group therapy
  • Write reports
  • Written treatment plans
  • Teachers or employees about music
  • Profiling of music therapy
  • Organizing workshops and information sessions
  • Write and archive your activities for our INSPIREactivitybook
  • Supervision

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"After 4 months spent in Nepal working as a music therapist, I can not recommend these guys enough. I have felt so supported and welcome. I have made some lifelong friends as well as gaining some invaluable professional practice which will inevitably be invaluable, both in my career and in my personal development. This has been the experience of a lifetime. Here's to the next 2 months!"

Volunteer Music Therapy

"Being involved with INSPIREnepal is more then voluntering. It's making friends for life, it's getting new families and it's expanding your talents. Maud and Sanju are just beautiful (host)people who will show you around their projects and who will let you participate. Spread the word and come making unforgettable moments at INSPIREnepal! A big thanks to Maud and Sanju for opening their house and making my time in Nepal extra special!"

Volunteer Art Therapy

"A organization run by two amazing people who really do everything and open up their hearts for all the volunteers and interns who come to their organization. I look back with lots of admiration, a wonderful time in Nepal!"

Volunteer Music Therapy

"My second placement was doing music therapy at a special school for children with disabilities, which has also been wonderful. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces was the most rewarding thing in the world! I have made many great friends and had so many memorable moments along the way, and I feel like I have many families in Nepal now. Maud and Sanju are such wonderful people, and they took very good care of everything for me. I really enjoyed working with them, and I will definitely go back again!"

Volunteer Music Therapy

"I really had some amazing months in Nepal. As an intern music therapy of Maud, I got many chances and opportunities to develop and explore myself. Thank you so much Maud and Sanju, for making me feel like family. You are two wonderful people!"

Intern Music Therapy

"INSPIREnepal lives up to their name. Their projects are really inspiring. People are accepted, brought together and bonded. Not only the volunteers but also the people from hun projects are always supported. The passion Maud en Sanju have for their organization is contagious. Their personal attention towards every volunteers make everyone feel like Nepal is their second home. Dear Maud en Sanju, I wish you all the best with INSPIREnepal, you guys desevere it!"


Volunteer Art Therapy

"Our experience with INSPIREnepal is unforgettable. Right at your arrival you feel welcome in Nepal but most definitely with INSPIREnepal. An organization that gives you the feeling that you are visiting your family. Maud and Sanju take you along the culture and rituals of Nepal, it makes you closer to the projects and people. Sanju explains everything that you want to know with enthousiasm. For your daily dose of humor, you’ve got Maud. It doesn’t matter if you do a project for a day or longer, you really get to experience the world of the Nepali. Welcoming, warm and gratefulness are the feelings you will experience. We experienced INSPIREnepal as personal, warm, dedicated by love and enthousiastic organization. We are already longing to go back to Nepal and to our dear friends Maud and Sanju."

Volunteer Art Therapy
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