INSPIREclowns has come to life when Maud started working at the burn ward of a childrens hospital. Hospitals in Nepal are very different than western hospitals. There is not a lot for the children to do or feel comfortable and safe during their stay. Most children have to stay for a couple of weeks, depending how severe their burns are, often without parents. Parents will have to work to be able to pay for the hospital bills.

That’s why we hired two clowns to come and entertain the children weekly! Just for the children to be able to play and laugh and forget their pain. The clowns working for INSPIREclowns, come with a very moving story. They were once “”sold” to an Indian circus.

Thankfully they were rescued and brought back to Nepal where they had to start all over. Their bodies were exhausted of all the training they had and the women were looking for something easier to do but still use their circus skills.

We are very happy to work together with these amazing women!

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