Therapy for special needs

INSPIREnepal is specialized in special needs and their care. In Nepal, there are many children and youngsters with mental or physical disabilities. When you have a disability in Nepal it is viewed as a mistake and that you have done something bad in your past life. Families are ashamed of their children and keep their children isolated from the outside world or they put them on the streets and in children’s homes.

Fortunately, more and more schools care for children with special needs. Most of these schools do not have the right resources, finances or knowledge to help these children optimally. Therefore your knowledge is needed to help the teachers and the children develop.

Special education always needs volunteers who have studied physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pedagogy, social workers, music or art therapy, teachers or other social studies. We only allow volunteers with an relatable studie for this program as the special needs need specific care and we want to offer quality. Your tasks will depend on your job/study.

The most important thing for these children is to receive love and attention. Their development is behind but they are still clever and ambitious children who need a little bit more attention to develop, where you as a volunteer are of great importance!

Since our vision of INSPIREnepal is to achieve development through creative activities, we want you to use your imagintion to achieve goals through games, music, arts, dance and sports. We can always provide ideas or work together to make sure that you can make the most of your work.

Your duties

  • Execute specific tasks related to your job / study.
  • Assist or execute activities from monday to friday for 5 hours a day.
  • Assist in the classrooms during mealtimes.
  • Support the children during assignments.
  • Physical support, think of moving or lifting them in and out of the wheelchair.
  • Stimulating the children through games and exercises.
  • Tips and advice to teachers.
  • Design and implementation of activities and the required materials.
  • Help organize activities during festivals.
  • Write reports and treatment plans
  • Report your activities in our activity book for follow volunteers and teachers to use.

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"Being involved with INSPIREnepal is more then voluntering. It's making friends for life, it's getting new families and it's expanding your talents. Maud and Sanju are just beautiful (host)people who will show you around their projects and who will let you participate. Spread the word and come making unforgettable moments at INSPIREnepal! A big thanks to Maud and Sanju for opening their house and making my time in Nepal extra special!"

Volunteer Art Therapy / Special Needs

"INSPIREnepal lives up to their name. Their projects are really inspiring. People are accepted, brought together and bonded. Not only the volunteers but also the people from hun projects are always supported. The passion Maud en Sanju have for their organization is contagious. Their personal attention towards every volunteers make everyone feel like Nepal is their second home. Dear Maud en Sanju, I wish you all the best with INSPIREnepal, you guys desevere it!"

Volunteer Art Therapy / Special Needs
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