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Children in Nepal do not grow up with books, toys and playgrounds. Most of the time they have to entertain themselves by whatever they can find. Which causes a lot of hanging around and feeling bored. Books and toys are too expensive or can not be found in Nepal. While these activities are so important for your personal development!

In November 2016, we opened our first library on top of the hill of Chobar. The children were a great help in making the library ready. They helped painting, sanding and putting up all the decoration. We really made this library together with the kids and the community.

At the opening of our library, the minister inaugurated our library and promised to send money to extend the library. The community is working very hard now, building a new level on top of the library. This new level will be used as a health post. Even though that is something very different than our library, opening the library has helped get the community moving and taken care of each other and we are proud that they are taking it even further now by building a health post for the community.

In this colourful and safe environment, the children can now explore. They are learning new stories, a fanatsy world is opening for them, learning new words, playing together, playing games, playing music and gain knowledge. Parents now have a place to go to play with their child. The library has caused the villagers to work together and carry the responsibilty over the library together as well.

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"It was 2016 when I was in Nepal and had the most amazing experience with Sanju, Maud and INSPIREnepal. We started a project for his home village Chovar. We renovated the community house and were able, with a lot of help and support from family and friends from home, to build a whole library for the children there. This feeling of being able to help and support with little effort was a life changing experience. The days before I left I was invited to Maud and Sanjus home. We cooked Nepali dinner at home and went to the market. Still, when I feel I‘m missing abroad too much, I cook this dishes and feel back in Nepal. I‘m so greatful that they both let me in and made me feel welcome all the way. I experienced the "normal" Nepali life which is truly amazing. "

Volunteer Library Project
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