Chitwan is the jungle of Nepal where many wild animals live and the climate is tropical. You will be full of amazement when elephants suddenly walk through the village. Chitwan is a great adventure you will never forget!

It begins with the bus trip to Chitwan. When you arrive at your hotel you get a snack or lunch and discuss the details for the next few days. The order of the program can vary but everything will certainly be done .

You get a nice room with a mosquito net. Before you can relax with friends to see the sunset at the beach there is a tour through the village to see the local clay houses.

The next morning you will have to get up early to go for a jungle walk, looking for crocodiles, rhinos, tigers, monkeys and many more animals!

After your jungle walk, if possible, there is time to wash the elephants in the river.

At night there is a cultural evening with Tharu (name of the locals) rituals and dances. At the last morning there is a canoe trip through nature and where Nepalese are at work in the fields and crocodiles are waiting for you. After the canoe trip it is time to take the bus back to Kathmandu.

Included: 2 nights – 3 days – transportation to and from Chitwan – all meals in Chitwan – hotel – jungle walk – cultural evening – canoe trip – bird watching – Village tour – elephant washing when possible

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