During your week you will be staying with your host family. Depending on the project and if there are other volunteers you might have someone with you at the host family or you are alone. To make sure that you can talk about your adventures and venture about the cultural differences, we welcome you to our house/office in the weekends.

We try to organize some events in the weekends to show you more of Nepal, come along to our village for festivals or help us out with some of our projects. We have been rafting, had had a momo workshop at our children’s home, went sari shopping, danced at weddings, celebrated “Sinterklaas and Christmas” or we just hang out and cook, talk and make music together. We do our best to make your stay as great as possible and to leave Nepal with lots of memories. You will have an INSPIREfamily forever.

In the weekends, we spend time together, with us and the other volunteers and interns. You have the chance to make great friendships and to make your stay in Nepal even more unforgettable.

Every summer in the Netherlands, there is an INSPIREreunion to catch up and relive your time in Nepal!

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"I was received so warmly by Maud and Sanju. Not only during my internship I was well guided also during the weekends we could do fun activities together. I hope to see you soon Maud and Sanju because it was a cool experience!"

Intern Social Work

"I was immediately welcomed into Maud and Sanju's home as if I was an old friend. They offer you a lot of support during your volunteering time and dedicate time to show you the sites of Kathmandu, drink Chiya and share the best places to eat. There is also a chance to get involved in some of the other wonderful projects they run. If you're considering volunteering in Nepal, I highly recommend INSPIRENepal. It makes for very special memories."

Volunteer Monastery Program
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