Earthquake relief

25-4-2015 is a day that will never be forgotten for many Nepalese. The earthquake has caused a lot of damage in several areas. Many Nepalese have lost their home, friends or family and sacred temples. Even to this day, people are rebuilding houses and trying to leave the scare of the earthquake behind.

After the earthquake we have mainly been helping to clear all the rubbles and breaking down houses brick by brick. We saved the bricks so that the owners could reuse their bricks and save money for building a new house.

We built a shelter for a old lady in Bungamati that had lost her house, husband and son in the earthquake and became alone and homeless. With the help of volunteers and donations we were able to built her a shelter and even decorate it a little. We have been visiting her till now and she is still living in our handmade shelter.

We organized some sportdays at the camp of the earthquake victims to entertain the children and give them some ways to release their anxiety and tension. We did some songwriting with a children’s home about their feelings after the earthquake. We have used creative activities to help cope after the earthquake.

What Our Volunteers & Interns Say...

"Our experience with INSPIREnepal is unforgettable. Right at your arrival you feel welcome in Nepal but most definitely with INSPIREnepal. An organization that gives you the feeling that you are visiting your family. Maud and Sanju take you along the culture and rituals of Nepal, it makes you closer to the projects and people. Sanju explains everything that you want to know with enthousiasm. For your daily dose of humor, you’ve got Maud. It doesn’t matter if you do a project for a day or longer, you really get to experience the world of the Nepali. Welcoming, warm and gratefulness are the feelings you will experience. We experienced INSPIREnepal as personal, warm, dedicated by love and enthousiastic organization. We are already longing to go back to Nepal and to our dear friends Maud and Sanju."

Volunteer Earthquake Program

"Being involved with Inspire Nepal was a truly amazing experience, one I will never forget and thank u to Sanju and Maud for making the experience more special and for welcoming us in. May 2017 be an even better year for you all!"

Volunteer Earthquake Program
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